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M map won't run

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Hollie Cushion
Hollie Cushion on 30 Jan 2019
Commented: Hollie Cushion on 1 Feb 2019
I'm trying to run m map, I have downloaded this and made it part of the pathway on matlab, I then run this line:
m_proj('utm','lat',[29 19],'lon',[-82 -97])
m_gshhs_i('patch',[0.5 0.5 0.5]);
but get given this error:
Warning: Coastline file private/gshhs_i.b not found \n(Have you
installed it? See the M_Map User's Guide for details)\n ---Using
default coastline instead
> In mu_coast>get_coasts (line 460)
In mu_coast (line 101)
In m_gshhs (line 116)
In m_gshhs_i (line 28)
I have checked the file and everything is there and in the pathway, plus have redownloaded mutliple times, so if anyone has any ideas that would be a great hekp, thank you.


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Mark Brandon
Mark Brandon on 1 Feb 2019
So coastlines.mat is part of the Matlab mapping toolbox so unless Hollie has that toolbox it won't be installed.
It's a path issue isn't it? Did you edit the m_gsggs.m script as described here Hollie
"If the database files are not in subdirectory m_map/private, you must edit the FILNAMEsetting in m_gshhs.m to point to the appropriate files."
You could try editing it to point to the absolute path rather than the relative path?
Hollie Cushion
Hollie Cushion on 1 Feb 2019
okay thank you, that made the first line run but now its saying it can't find the gshhs_i.b in the folder thats been selected and it isn't in there, so do you know where I get this from?
Hollie Cushion
Hollie Cushion on 1 Feb 2019
I've found it now, thanks for your help

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