how can I get the "Vector Virtual channel" ?

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wayne yi
wayne yi2012-7-30
回答: Jack Zhao ,2019-12-20
I watched the webinars about "How to use the Vehicle Network Toolbox",and I found that when the speaker configures the "CAN Configuration",and at the device drop-down menu,it has a "Vector Virtual channel",but I have not it in my Simulink,so I want to known how can I get it?

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Andrei Ursache
Andrei Ursache 2018-8-30
编辑:Andrei Ursache 2018-8-30
When using a recent MATLAB release you can install the Vector CAN Devices support package using Add-On Explorer (which will download and install Vector Driver Setup automatically).

Shankar Subramanian
Please follow the following link and install Vector drivers.
Once done, you should be able to see the Virtual Channels in MATLAB and through Vehicle Network Toolbox Simulink blocks.
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wayne yi
wayne yi 2012-8-3
Yes,when I run the vcanconf,the dialog box is below:
Is it because the Hardware has no license?


Jack Zhao
Jack Zhao 2019-12-20

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