Change the aspect ratio of x,y to plot Longitude and Latitude correctly ( I have the conversion needed- need help implementing it)

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Hi there,
I am wanting to change my x,y axis to reflect true longitude and latitude scales.
The conversion is: 1 degree of longitude (x-axis) is equal to 111cos(latitude). Latitude being the Y-axis. I need this in order to create a single scalebar rather than 2 seperate ones.
this is the code I have but I do not know how to implement it - any help would be much appreciated!
Many thanks!
h = pcolor(X,Y, Z);
shading interp
%% map personalising
xlabel('Longitude (deg, E)');
ylabel('Latitude (deg, N)')
axis equal
% set axis limits
xlim([30.3 30.45])
ylim([40.7 40.8])
hold on
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Jan 2019-3-13
@P_L: Please take into account, that I cannot read the code on your screen, if you do not post it here.
"Axesm - I can't get to project properly and display all the ticks- I have just been trying this just in 2D and world map doesn't dispaly anything evewn if I use pcolorm."
I cannot follow this description. Your code contains two calles of axesm, but they are commented - which one are you talkinh of.
"I will be using cellfun to plot data as well."
Why? Is this a part of the question?
"I initially tried plottinmg onto a map that I couldn't get to work for eveything"
Then please post the code and the error message, or a detailed description of the difference between your expectation and the results.
"Still not working" does not allow to give you any advice how to fix the code.



Jan 2019-3-12
Do you want to set the DataAspectRatio of the axes?

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