File 'Data_01.csv' already exists. I want to rename the existing file to 'Data_02.csv' when I try to save a new file with the same name. How do I do it?

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Dear peeps,
I am recording sensor data from a third party software through which I can save the log file as .csv in a folder path. The problem here is the log file name does not get incremented but gets overwritten everytime I record a new sample. I need to rename it over and over again when I record a new sample. It is really exhausting because I would have to take hundreds of samples sometimes thousands. So I have planned to run a matlab script in the background- to rename the existing file to avoid getting overwritten by the new data -even before I start recording the data from the third party software.
Please help me with how I can change the existing log file name (the first saved file) so that it does not get overwritten. Suppose I start saving with 'Data_01.csv' in the folder path of the third party software, hit record the next time, the existing 'Data_01.csv' in the path has to be renamed as 'Data_02.csv' and so on. Suppose if I have to record 30 samples, and not have to change the name in the folder path of the third party software over and over agin, how do i do it?
Thanks in advance.
Best Regards,
Nikhilesh. K

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