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how to control dc motor by matlab gui with adafruit motorshield V1?

Asked by Bhavya Kishor Gatya on 6 Apr 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Madhu Govindarajan on 12 Aug 2019
please help to control dc motor by matlab gui with arduino adafruit shield V1

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Answer by Tony Lennon on 9 Aug 2019

It's not exactly the same HW setup, but close.


This does not work! Motor Shield V1 requires legacy Matlab's Arduino support package and can't be installed beside new Matlab's Arduino support package.
Adafruit Motor Shield V1 has been discontinued for a while and hence was never supported by the official MATLAB Support package. However, if you are interested here are a set of instructions that shows how to create your own custom support along with an example at the bottom of that page -
If you end up creating an add-on, please share with community using File Exchange.

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