How can i modify a model automatically which uses an excel file as an input when this excel file is modified (checksum is modified) ?

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Lamjed ESSID
Lamjed ESSID2019-6-4
评论: Lamjed ESSID ,2019-6-4
Hello everybody,
I am working on a simulink model which should be modified every time an excel file is modified. the idea is to use the getfile checksum function but i can't find a solution to make an automatic check in the model to know if the excel file is modified or not ?
Thanks in advance,

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Titus Edelhofer
Titus Edelhofer 2019-6-4
Hi Lamjed,
does the entire Simulink model needs to be changed or only a block? If it's only a block you could mask the block and add to the mask initialization the call to update (or not).
If it is the whole model, you would need to add this to the model init function (menu File->Model Properties->Callbacks->InitFcn).
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Lamjed ESSID
Lamjed ESSID 2019-6-4
Hi Titus,
I think second idea of the timer is great, i will try it and put a response here to confirm the solution for the other users.
Thanks a lot.





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