i get Undefined variable "NaiveBayes" or class "NaiveBayes.fit".

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Hoping someone can help.
I'm using MATLAB2018b version and am attempting to use a Naive Bayes classifer on a dataset. However I get the following error when I run this line of code:-
(i've already loaded variables XtrA and YtrA)
nb = NaiveBayes.fit(XtrA, YtrA);
Undefined variable "NaiveBayes" or class "NaiveBayes.fit".
nb = NaiveBayes.fit(XtrA, YtrA);
I've confirmed that I have the Statistics and Machine Learning toolbox installed by typing ver at command line:
Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox Version 11.4 (R2018b)
Many thanks


Subhadeep Koley
Subhadeep Koley 2019-8-6
Hi, I understand that you are trying to use NaiveBayes.fit in MATLAB R2018b.
According to the R2014b Release Notes NaiveBayes.fit is replaced with fitNaiveBayes and also According to the R2018a Release Notes fitNaiveBayes is replaced with fitcnb.
Therefore, using fitcnb might help you.

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