rasberrypi connection with matlab on hardware

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'There is no saved deviceAddress value. Specify the hostname or the IP address of your board to connect to it'.
this message shown on command window after connection of rasberry pi and laptop by usb cable wifi netork is also same.please help for this
thanks in advance

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Mohith Prabhu
Mohith Prabhu 2019-10-4
The MATLAB support package for Raspberry Pi and the Simulink support package for Raspberry Pi require a hardware setup before the hardware can be used with MATLAB or Simulink.
During the hardware setup, upon sucessful completion of the setup, the credentials of the hardware (IP Address, Username and Password) are stored in MATLAB preference for use in future sessions.
The above mentioned error indicates a probable skip of the hardware setup.
If you have not performed the hardware setup, kindly perform it before proceeding with using Raspberry Pi with MATLAB or Simulink. You can refer the following video for assistance with the steps involved in hardware setup.
In case you have already performed the hardware setup, during the creation of the raspi object, pass the credentials
>> r = raspi(<IP address>,<Username>, <Password>)
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Mehdi Dehghan
Mehdi Dehghan 2023-7-21
I set the configuration but I received the same error but the following command that you mentioned solved my problem.
>> r = raspi(<IP address>,<Username>, <Password>)
Thank you



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