How can I save a UIaxes-figure in a Matlab-Web-App by button callback

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Thomas Anvidalfarei
Thomas Anvidalfarei2019-10-11
I would like to save a figure shown in a UIaxes of a deployed Matlab Web Aplication as png/jpeg-File in the ctfroot-directory.
example at button callback
The functionality of multiwindow to opy object to a new figure is not supported and i don't know how to access the figure in UIaxes.
Any help is appreciated
Best regards
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Udo Schröder
Udo Schröder 2020-1-31
Your link does not give any solution. There the question is related to a GUI craeted with AppDesigner. This question is about WebApp GUI. The solution given in your link does not work for WebApp GUIs.


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Benjamin Großmann
Benjamin Großmann 2021-11-11
编辑:Benjamin Großmann 2021-11-11
You can use exportgraphics(obj,filename) to write a graphics object obj to filename on the web app server temporarily. Afterwards call web(fileName) to display and/or download the file in the browser.
function PrintButtonPushed(app, event)
fileName = 'graphic.pdf';
% or query for filename:
% [fileName, ~] = uiputfile('*.pdf');
exportgraphics(app.UIAxes, fileName)

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