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How to combine separate label matrix into one

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Aliyu Abdu
Aliyu Abdu on 13 Oct 2019
Commented: Aliyu Abdu on 14 Oct 2019
I have three binary masks from which I generated their individual label matrix. But I can't figure out how to combine them into one single label matrix to show the three objects. The code I use for generating the lable matrix is:
L1 = bwlabeln(BW1);
L2 = bwlabeln(BW2);
L3 = bwlabeln(BW3);
L1((L1 > 0)) = 1; L2((L2 > 0)) = 2; L3((L3 > 0)) = 3;
I then use the code below to combine the three label matrix.
L_matrix = (uint8(L1)|uint8(L2)|uint(L3));
But the result only shows one object (all ones instead of 1s, 2s, and 3s). Attached are the masks and the resulting L_matrix.


dpb on 13 Oct 2019
You're looking for bitor, not logical or which only returns T|F (1|0)
BTW, you missed an '8' in the last cast expression above.

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