plot standard deviation as a shaded area

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Hinna Ahmed
Hinna Ahmed2019-12-3
编辑: M ,2019-12-3
I have a vector containing the mean values and a another vector with the standard deviations. I want to plot the standard deviation as a shaded area and the mean as a line as shown on the image below but I want to write my own function. hope someone can help
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Hinna Ahmed
Hinna Ahmed 2019-12-3
I want to use built-in functions like fill or area but not functions like stdshade because they use a matrix with all the observations as a input but i have already calculated the mean and std.


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M 2019-12-3
编辑:M 2019-12-3
You can use the code directly from this answer:
y = rand(1,10); % your mean vector;
x = 1:numel(y);
std_dev = 1;
curve1 = y + std_dev;
curve2 = y - std_dev;
x2 = [x, fliplr(x)];
inBetween = [curve1, fliplr(curve2)];
fill(x2, inBetween, 'g');
hold on;
plot(x, y, 'r', 'LineWidth', 2);


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