Import a 2D STL File

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Hey everyone!
I would like to import a 3D STL file as 2D geometry.
I found something in the MATLAB documentation ( that says "When you import a planar STL geometry, the toolbox converts it to a 2-D geometry by mapping it to the X-Y plane.", but if i create a plot, it is still in 3D.
Here is the code i tried:
model = createpde;
The 3D Part is an insole which contains several splines, could that be a problem?
I would be happy if someone could help me!
Kind regards,


Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar 2020-1-2
Hi Matthias,
Your geometry in the STL file is indeed 3-D. I am assuming you want just the one of the flat faces for two 2-D analysis. To do this you need to export just that face as STL. I do not know the option in Autodesk to do so, but typically if you have the CAD in STEP format then you can select a particular face and save just that into to STL file.

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Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar 2019-12-19
The keyword here is "planar". Is your geomtry planar?

Matthias Wölfleder
Matthias Wölfleder 2019-12-20
Thank you for your answer!
Maybe i misinterpreted the word planar. My geometry is a simple flat extrusion from a draft as you can see in the attachment. I used Autodesk Inventor to create this, but there seems no opportunity to create a planar surface .stl in Inventor. Is there any other way to import just the 2D draft into Matlab?


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