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I don't want Matlab translated to Spanish

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I keep Matlab asking me to input the region I am. It is annoying, mostly because when I select my location I get the information in Spanish, which is someting I did not ask for and, besides, I don't want. I am used to Matlab in English and, besides, most of the time what I get is the information that the page was not yet translated to Spanish. So, this ends up being a waste of time. I want to keep seeing Matlab help in English and I do not like to waste my time by first setting my location to Spain (otherwhise, every click on the page gets me an annoying pop out) or, when I finally do out of tiredness, having to check twice most of the pages because the only option that appears in my search is the Spanish one, and this option most of the time has not been translated yet.


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Chidvi Modala
Chidvi Modala on 23 Jan 2020
You can refer to this documentation to translate the MATLAB documentation to the preferred language
If your UI elements also keep appearing in Spanish you can refer to this

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