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Traveling Salesman Optimization Problem

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Hello expert ,
Have a problem to optimize i am looking for a solution, my problem looks similar to the Traveling Salesman.
I have 5 cities, let as defined S a vector that reflect the satisfaction of the traveler to visit such city S=[0.5 1 0.8 0 1] . We also define vector cost that reflects the expenses of the visitor in each city C=[100$ 50$ 100$ 0$ 150$]. If we suppose that the traveller have just 200$ . I have to find the optimal solution for visiting the maximum cities that would yield to maximum satisfaction at the predefined budget.
I would like to solve that propbelm using Genetic Algorithm.
I would be very grateful if you can help me implement that with Matlab code .
Relying on your information sharing and your help, please accept my sincere respect.
Best regards .

Accepted Answer

Alan Weiss
Alan Weiss on 27 Feb 2020
You can look at this example.
But it is much better to use mixed-integer linear programming, as in this example.
Alan Weiss
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