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How to change from cell to array

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nahyun lee
nahyun lee on 20 Mar 2020
Commented: nahyun lee on 20 Mar 2020
Hi all,
I want this code to run on the GPU.
Maybe O = (num2cell (O, [1 2])) of the RainDetect function; The part is expected to be a problem.
Since this part is a cell, the gpu operation does not seem to work.
I want to change from cell to array, is there a good way?
O = gather(video_ycbcr(gpuArray(video))); % Transfer RGB to YCbCr and retain Y only
O_cpu = {};
O_cpu{1} = O(:,:,001:149);% Can be easily extend to multiple GPU
O_gpu{1} = gpuArray(O_cpu{1});% Move array from CPU to GPU for acceleration
R_gpu{1} = RainDetect(O_gpu{1},paras);
R_cpu{1} = gather(cat(3,R_gpu{1}{:}));
R = R_cpu{1};
function [R,iter]=RainDetect(O,paras)
[m,n,t] = size(O);
O = (num2cell(O,[1 2]));
R{1} = gpuArray(zeros(m,n));
B{1} = O{1}-R{1};
iter{1} = 0;
for i = 3:t


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Answers (1)

KSSV on 20 Mar 2020
Read about cell2mat.

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nahyun lee
nahyun lee on 20 Mar 2020
i get this Error: Error using cell2mat (line 7) Cannot support cell arrays containing cell arrays or objects.

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