Where can I get Embedded Coder? Matlab 2011b?

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I am currently attempting to develop a control system for a quad copter using the simulink environment and an arduino microcontroller. I have installed Arduino IO which enables me to access the arduino from matlab (real time control!!!) and have also downloaded a version of arduino target that is called "Embedded Coder Support Package for Arduino" in the file exchange. After installing it I attempt to build the model to the arduino but I am given an error:
"Embedded Coder is not licensed or not installed. The current target is: c:\ArduinoTarget\arduino\arduino.tlc"
I have gone back to the file exchange page where I downloaded this file :
and found a link for the embedded encoder under requirements. The link is a dead link. Is There any way for me to check to see if I have it or check if the lisense is valid. Or better yet is there anywhere I can download/buy this embedded coder. My senior project kinda depends on it... and my sanity lol.
Thanks in advance!


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2012-10-20
If you are using Student Version, then Embedded Coder is not available at all.
Otherwise, once you have paid for your license and the payment has gone through, go to the top of this page and click on My Community Profile. If you look down the left side, you will see a link to allow you to download software you own.
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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser 2012-10-23
Vincent, according to my records you received an email from MathWorks describing that you have those products available at your university and how to get them.
Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser 2012-10-23
And also with regards to the "only on server" topic. Please contact MathWorks Support so that can be resolved.


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Bill Chou
Bill Chou 2016-3-25
While Embedded Coder isn't available for Student Version, MATLAB Coder and Simulink Coder was just released for Student Version in R2016a. Check out the following link (scroll to the bottom to see the products listed in the Code Generation area):

Stephen R.
Stephen R. 2012-10-22
Hi Vincent- If you are using either the Arduino Uno or the Mega 2560, and are using 2012a (student version is fine), you should be in business. As of 2012a, Simulink provides support packages for interfacing Simulink to these target hardware platforms. See the two links below for more information. Note that these are slightly different than the Embedded Coder package you were exploring. They should provide you with what you need, though.
Good luck!
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Vincent 2012-10-23
I am aware of the arduino support with recent releases. My school actually has a license for 2012a, but it is available only on a server- I cannot hook up any hardware to my computer that can be recognized by a simple web client. There may be some computers that have 2012a, but I have not asked yet. That is my next step.


Kidus Guye
Kidus Guye 2017-8-30
There is actually a trial version on the mathworks product site but I have tried to download it and they send me back to talk to my school. I asked the guy who is responsible for this case and he even told me he have no idea. He tried to contact them but didn't get answer for like a weak. I have no idea how I am going to get the product right now.


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