What is the difference between the "Build, Deploy & Start" and "Build" buttons from Embedded Coder?

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Hi, I'm studying the embedded code generation for PX4 with the "Embedded Coder Support Package for PX4 Autopilot".
The example from the support package says to click "Monitor & Tune" button or "Build, Deploy & Start" button to implement examples.
Also, I couldn't find examples using embedded code generation.
Thus, I wonder if the "Build, Deploy & Start" and "Build" (on embedded coder) do the same work. Otherwise, what is the difference between them?


Jonas 2020-5-13
编辑:Jonas 2020-5-13
  • Build means that MATLAB generates C-code from your Simulink model.
  • Deploy means that the generated C-code is deployed (placed) on your target hardware, which is the controller of a drone in your case.
  • Start means that the deployed generated C-code is started on the target hardware and starts execution.
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Jonas 2020-5-14
Should be no difference. With the first button, MATLAB just stops after generating the code, but the code is still the same.


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