Specifying a range in a double

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Keith Grey
Keith Grey2020-5-15
评论: Keith Grey ,2020-5-15
% Values is a 401x1 double: 1 - 401
% In this example, I want to take the mean from Values(90) to Values(110).
% Specify Bounds
MAX = 90; %
MIN = 110;
idy = find(Values == MIN);
idz = find(Values == MAX);
Values = mean(Values(idy:idz));
This is simple & should be returning 1 number from Values after taking the mean, but it's resulting in a 1x7^6 double.
Is there a syntax error that I'm overlooking here?
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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang 2020-5-15
code is simple enough. run the code line by line and see where is wrong.
The numerical value for MAX and MIN seems to be reversed. Is that correct?



William Alberg
William Alberg 2020-5-15
I think, that you want to do this:
MAX = 110;
MIN = 90;
id = find( (MIN <= Values) & (Values <= MAX) )
Values = mean(Values(id))
I switched the MIN/MAX values
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Keith Grey
Keith Grey 2020-5-15
Ah, I see what I did now! The MAX value was lower than the MIN, so of course the computer's going to hate that. Thank you very much!


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