How can I change the font size of tick labels on the axes of a graph?

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I have tried all of the suggestions in fx, Help and answers to other people's questions, but I cannot make any of them work in Matlab 2020a.

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre 2020-5-29
编辑:Cris LaPierre 2020-5-29
It's in the documentation under axes properties:
ax.FontSize = 20
You can also change a single axis by specifying that axis:
ax.XAxis.FontSize = 20
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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre 2020-6-2
You likely replied to an email notification from MATLAB Central. Replies are not actually directed to anyone.
I've poked around in your code. I didn't attempt to explore every plot, but if I were you, I would probably set the properties this way.
title(strcat('Basilar Membrane Velocity Transfer Function, Excitation @',Stringt,sprintf('\n Frequency = %0.0f Hz,',f(fn)),Comp))
ylabel(strcat('Basilar Membrane velocity amplitude (dB)',Stringy))
xlabel('Distance from Stapes (mm)')%lgd.Title.String = 'Frequency (kHz)';
ax.XAxis.FontSize = 12;
ax.YAxis.FontSize = 12;
ax.XLabel.FontSize = 24;
ax.YLabel.FontSize = 14;
ax.Title.FontSize = 18;
Was there a particular plot that was not working?


David Slater
David Slater 2020-6-3
Thanks for your response. Your suggested way of specifying font sizes is much more rational than mine, and so I have tried it both for one plot in my full script and for the simplified script below. Running the script after executing a clear command results in your graph with 20pt tick labels, followed by my graph still with 12pt tick labels and no title or axis titles. Any thoughts?
plot(1:5 )
ax=gca ;
ax.FontSize = 20
title('Measured and Predicted Hearing Loss (Reduction in BM Velocity) with no Bubble')
ylabel('Post Implant Hearing Loss (dB)')
xlabel('Frequency (Hz)')
ax.XAxis.FontSize = 20;
ax.YAxis.FontSize = 20;
ax.XLabel.FontSize = 20;
ax.YLabel.FontSize = 20;
ax.Title.FontSize = 36;
semilogx(f,20*log10(HL0),'LineWidth', 3,'color','r')
grid on
There are two graphs that particularly need a larger font for the tick labels: figures 6 and 7 in my full script. I have deleted the many sections that create the other graphs, and I have attached the result. (To reduce the run time, I have also reduced the number of iterations necessary in the sections that do the calculations; this makes the graphs a bit more notchy, but it makes no difference to font sizes.)
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David Slater
David Slater 2020-6-10
I haven't heard from you in a while; do I need to open a new question, or do you still have this in hand?
David Slater
David Slater 2020-7-1
Because I have heard nothing further from you or anyone at Mathsoft in weeks, I had to try to find the problem myself by trial and error. Mathsoft and/or its customers may be interested in what I have found. The problem appears to be with the "load" function. If I load the workspace with a .mat file, this prevents the script from changing the font sizes. If I delete the "load" command from the script, then the code that you suggested and the code that I was using previously both work. I can manage without using the "load" function, but doing so is inconvenient, and it will become more so as my project develops. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?
Please respond to this, even if only to ask me to open a new question.



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