[Soft question] Tips and tools to analyze unfamiliar OO code

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Joan Vazquez
Joan Vazquez2020-6-25
编辑: Yair Altman ,2020-6-29
What are your tips / Are there any tools to:
Get a quick overview of undocumented but well structured and named OO code?
I am thinking e.g. of automatic graphs showing the class hierarchies and methods therein.
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Joan Vazquez
Joan Vazquez 2020-6-25
Thanks, very nice package! I already used it to create some useful UML diagrams.
As you mention, the question is: "Can m2uml help learning a new code-base?".
Then, can you share the code that you used to do the "quick test with the File Exchange contribution, GUI Layout Toolbox by David Sampson." (within m2uml_v11_hyperlinks_tooltips_publish). I wonder if you explicitely defined all the classes in the call to m2uml.run.
In any case, my question is not resticted to UML. Did you ever have to learn a new Matlab code base? General tips / tools?


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