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Saveas Invalid Handle Error

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Hi! I am just trying to run a basic program where I save the new figure I have created using the edge() function; however, I keep running into this error: "Error using saves; invalid handle". I tried to troubleshoot the invalid handle by adding gcf but still am getting the same error. Any ideas?
>> Img=imread('biofilm ri4 (1).tiff');
Error using saveas (line 60)
Invalid handle.


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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 30 Jun 2020
edge() does not return a figure or any other type of graphic object. edge() returns a logical() array, and does not display the array. The array is not anywhere on the display to be captured by saveas() or other screen capture calls.
You should be just using imwrite() to write the array returned by edge() into a file.

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