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Data String unreadable in uitable matlab

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joni nababan
joni nababan on 1 Jul 2020
Commented: joni nababan on 2 Jul 2020
Hello, Please someone help me
i have problem to display string data from ms.excel to uitable in matlab
this is my code :
[filename,path] = uigetfile('.xlsx')
dataExcel = xlsread(fullfile(path,filename),'sheet1','A2:F50');
name = dataExcel(:,2)
This is the result :
Can you help me, please?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 1 Jul 2020
That is invalid. After using the 'data' keyword, you need to pass in the data, such as
set(handles.uitable1, 'data', dataExcel, 'ColumnName', {'Nama'});
Please attach a copy of your xlsx file for testing purposes.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 1 Jul 2020
Your use of 'Nama' as a header suggets that you expect the column you are selecting to be character vectors -- names. However when you use xlsread with only one output, then what is output is only numeric values and nan, with all character vectors replaced by nan. You would need to use the two or three output form of xlsread() to get at the character vectors.
I recommend that you switch to readtable() instead of xlsread()


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joni nababan
joni nababan on 2 Jul 2020
It's error
% Error using readtable (line 129)
% Invalid parameter name: sheet1.
% % %
% Error in TA>loaddata_Callback (line 87)
% data = readtable(fullfile(path,filename),'sheet1','A2:F50');
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 2 Jul 2020
data = readtable(fullfile(path,filename), 'sheet', 'sheet1', 'range', 'A2:F50');
stuff = table2cell(data(1:10,:));
handles.uitable1.Data = stuff;
joni nababan
joni nababan on 2 Jul 2020
Thanks, Walter
Can i make plot from that data?

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