Problem with importing data from excel file on Mac

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I want to import data from an excel file to Matlab, but my attempts have failed so far. I am a Mac user.


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2011-4-18
If you are using anything other than a Windows system with Excel installed, then xlsread() can only handle "Basic" files.
'basic' Flag to request reading in basic mode, which is the default for systems without Excel for Windows. In basic mode, the xlsread function:
Only reads XLS files.
Imports the entire active range of the worksheet.
Requires a string to specify the sheet, and the sheet name is case sensitive.
Does not support function handle inputs.

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D 2011-4-18
csvread might work in this case, if you're working from one worksheet, but only want a specific range of the data.
You'd have to convert your data, but I think it works for Mac as well.


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