How to use a generated MEX function?

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评论: Maria ,2020-7-29
I am new to MEX functions, and I am learning about them since ... today!
So, I have a matlab function, and I generated the MEX by using the Matlab coder. So far, so good. I get a report that tells me that I can now use the C code in my application (actually I selected C++. Is this a default message, or should I double check this?), see screenshot.
I tried to click "Lear more", but I get "Topic learn_more_finish_c not found for product coder and relative path". I hope I can "Learn more" here instead.
My question is: in my code, I call the function
as I did before and, if I open it, I am redirected to the original .m file. Should I see a C file instead?! How do I know that I am using the generated MEX file and not my original Matlab function?


Sriram Tadavarty
Sriram Tadavarty 2020-7-29
Hi Maria,
The generated mex file will have an extensions mex for the filename. For example with windows platform, you get the mex file to be filename_mex.mexw64.
Then run directly the filename_mex(inputs...) and it will run the generated mex.
Inorder to see the C files, they reside in in the codegen folder. In codegen folder -> mex folder -> the folder with filename the mex is generated.
For more information, look at the page here.
Hope this helps.
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Maria 2020-7-29
Aha, I see it. Thanks! I will look into the page you linked.


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