Simple circuit using Simulink

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I would like to implement simple circuits that I am studying during the electrical engineering (mechanical engineering) course. Can anyone tell me how the following circuit should be drawn in simulink? (R2020a)


Sriram Tadavarty
Sriram Tadavarty 2020-7-30
Hi Luca,
You can draw this in Simulink, if you hace access to Simscape Electical.
There are quite a good number of examples and blocks in this and can be used to perform the task.
For the circuits placed, you can use Resistor, Current source and Voltage source.
Hope this helps.
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Sriram Tadavarty
Sriram Tadavarty 2020-8-11
Good work Luca!
If the answer was helpful, feel free to accept it.


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