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Removing Missing Data from Corresponding Matrix

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Derrick Vaughn
Derrick Vaughn on 5 Aug 2020
Answered: KSSV on 5 Aug 2020
Hi, I have a 10848 x 1 matrix called Modeled_Infill where each row corresponds to a different river. I removed Nans from that matrix using the following code:
This reduced the Modeled_Infill matrix to 10834 x 1. Since I'm working with other parameters that have the same river assignments as the Modeled_Infill matrix, I then wanted to remove those rivers from the other parameters that had missing values from the original Modeled_Infill matrix. I was able to do this with the parameters that had the same dimensions (10848 x 1) as Modeled_Infill by using the index term above.
I now want to remove the corresponding rows of another parameter, POCtotal; however, the dimensions of that matrix is 10848 x 105, where each column represents changes in that parameter over time but for the same rivers seen in QRiver_prist and in Modeled_Infill. I tried using index again but that doesn't work (I'm assuming due to the 105 columns instead of 1). How can I remove the rivers that had missing data in Modeled_Infill from this other parameter, POCtotal? Thanks!


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KSSV on 5 Aug 2020


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