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Create stl. file with [F,V,N] data

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Diego Hens
Diego Hens on 7 Aug 2020
Answered: Diego Hens on 14 Aug 2020
I would like to create a stl. file with given data [F,V,N]. I have problems using the funtion stlwrite ( Can you help me?
My goal is to take the data of a given stl. file and tweek it (like multiplying the values of [F,V,N] times 2). Is this possible?
Thank you :)


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KSSV on 7 Aug 2020


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Diego Hens
Diego Hens on 7 Aug 2020
Ok, thanks again. I still get an error though :/
>> Zahn1 = stlread('F.O. - 6 left up.stl');
[F, V, N] = stlread('F.O. - 6 left up.stl');
v = V/2;
TR = triangulation(F,v);
Error using fileparts (line 37)
Input must be a row vector of characters or string scalar.
Error in stlwrite (line 70)
path = fileparts(filename);
Rik on 7 Aug 2020
Can you attach your data? Unsuported file types must first be zipped before you can attach them.
Diego Hens
Diego Hens on 7 Aug 2020
I have uploaded some other data, because I'm not sure if I may send the real data because of data protection regulation. But it doesn't work either. I have probably made a mistake somewhere in the code.
I want to thank you again for repeatedly taking the time to answer :)
Edit: The data file is a different one, but the error persists

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