How to give time in hours in simulink?

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Hello Everyone
As we know that Simulink runs simulation in seconds but I have a model which I need to run for many days. I wanted to give parameters values on hourly basis in my model as is given in my data but I know that Simulink runs simulation in seconds so any suggestions that How can I give these values in simulink input. I am attaching the image that shows nature of data. I hope you guys will get sense of my question from this data. Time here is in hours so every value
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2020-8-14
I think so.
Of course the meaning of sin waves or square waves or the like are going to be affected: if you want N simulated samples/second for a generated wave you would have to make it 60*60 times larger to get the appropriate number of samples per hour.
And labels in plots and scopes might say Hz when your intended meaning is samples/unit instead. Cosmetics.
Muhammad Saqlain Haider
Probably you are right but I have doubt on it


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Jonas 2020-8-14
Can you set the sampling time of your model to 3600, such that it calculates once every hour?
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Muhammad Saqlain Haider
Can you eleborate your last answer a little bit. I am sorrry I could not understand that. it will be much appreciated.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2020-8-16
The idea is that during initialization you could replace the spreadsheet with a different one that had the time multiplied.



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