Is there a way to tell matlab that set(gcf,'Visible','off') actually means don't show figures?

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Unfortunately my code is sufficiently complex that I can't provide an MWE, but when I turn gcf Visibility off, using `set(gcf,'Visible','off') ` and then create a patch object, the patch object flashes on for an instant then turns off again. This is a problem, since I'm creating a large number of patch objects. Is there some command that actually turns Visibility off rather than flashing the patch on and off?
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Leo Simon
Leo Simon 2020-10-23
Thanks to both for quick responses. Ameer, I tried `opengl software` and it didn't make any difference. Walter, I'm afraid I don't understand your answer. What do you mean by "recording the figure handle" and when should I provide it? Apropos of "as early as possible," my code begins with the command `set(groot,'DefaultFigureVisible','off') `which I thought was supposed to turn visbility off for all figures, but it doesn't.
I looked at the two entries under the always-parent tag, but couldn't see the connection to my problem, probably I'm being dumb.
Bruno Luong
Bruno Luong 2020-10-23
编辑:Bruno Luong 2020-10-23
Can't reproduce what you post, I don't see any flash with this code
close all
fprintf('Type Ctrl C when you have enough\n')
while true
What is your minimal working example code? It leads nowhere if you can't provide MWE.


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