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Data store memory storage class

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I have a model containing a data store that I have to convert to C code. I would like to set the "Storage class" attribute of the data store to ExportedGlobal in order to have it defined as a global variable in the corresponding C code, however I cannot find this parameter in the mask of the Data store Memory block. Where can I find this property? Is there a different way to force some variable in the generated code to be global?


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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 26 Oct 2020
Create a Simulink.Signal object in the workspace and you can use DataStore Read/Write block anywhere in the model. You can speify the storage class in the signal object. This is the same as create a DataStoreMemory block in the root level of your model.
If the DataStoreMemory block is in a subsystem, check the option "data store name must resolve to simulink signal object" in its dialog to link to the signal object.


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