1x0 emtpy double row vector?

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metin yilmaz
metin yilmaz2020-11-5
What does 1x0 empty double row vector mean?
When I do this operation 0:0.1, matlab turns 0 as a result.
But why does 1:0.1 turn 1x0 empty row vector? Should it not 1 since the operation will just give the first element, that is 1 but will not create others as uniformly spaced elements?

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Rishik Ramena
Rishik Ramena 2020-11-5
If j > k, then x = j:k is an empty matrix.
You might want to go through the documentation for colon operator.

Sriram Tadavarty
Sriram Tadavarty 2020-11-5
Hi Metin,
In MATLAB, the colon operator indicates the range of values that are used for an operation.
lowestNum:HighestNum is the general usage.
In the case of 0:0.1, the lowest number is 0, the step size is 1 (by default) and the last number is 0.1. Since, its a valid range, the value of 0 is printed.
In case of 1:0.1, the lowest number is 1, the step size is 1 (by default) and last number is 0.1. Since, 1 cannot be made to 0.1, with a step size of 1, the value returned is empty.
You can try 1:-1:0.1, then the first value of 1 is printed, since there is a step size of -1 and it can go near 0.1.
For more information about colon operator, look here.
Hope this helps.

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