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A = load('r10_edfm.mat');
B = load('r08_edfm.mat');
d = A.val(1,:);
d_T = d';
input_channel = 3; % this is where we change the input channel
noisy_sig = B.val(input_channel,:);
noisy_sig_T = noisy_sig';
Fs = 1000;
Ts = 1/Fs;
order = 4000; %this is where we can adjust the order
mu = 0.76; %this is where we can adjust mu (0.4 < mu < 0.99)
lms = dsp.LMSFilter(order + 1, 'StepSize', mu, 'Method', 'Normalized LMS', 'WeightsOutputPort', true);
[mu_max, mu_min] = maxstep(lms, noisy_sig)
[y,e,w] = step(lms, noisy_sig_T, d_T);
can anyone explain the bolded line..


Sriram Tadavarty
Sriram Tadavarty 2020-11-25
Hi Rehman,,
The bolded line in the code is
d_T = d';
The above lines indicates complex conjugate transpose of matrix d is assigned in d_T variable. For more about complex conjugate transpose operation, look here.
Hope this helps.

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