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Matlab R2020b freezes when closing figure (Intel macOS Big Sur)

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评论: jiayi su ,2021-8-3
Matlab R2020b Update 3 always freezes when closing a figure window containing any axes by using the top left closing button.
The operating system I am using is macOS Big Sur 11.1 on an Intel Mac Book Pro from mid-2017. No startup scripts are run.
On my system this can always be reproduced by opening Matlab 2020b and run the following command from the command window
figure; plot(1:10,1:10)
The figure opens as expected but using the red close button on the top left corner to close the window, Matlab instantly freezes and a spinning ball animation is shown. Matlab must be force quit then.
There is no problem closing the figure using the command
This bug makes working with Matlab completely impossible to me. A similar behaviour could be seen on my system with previous Matlab versions like R2020a on macOS Mojave. But back then the bug was not so easy to reproduce. From time to time when closing a window belonging to Matlab it also froze.
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Moritz Kb
Moritz Kb 2021-2-25
Ah well done! AltTab will probably fix it for me as well then. Thanks for sharing.


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Radoslav Vargic
Radoslav Vargic 2021-6-28
Matlab 2021a update 3 in BigSur 11.4 has stiil the same problem !!!
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Kelly Kearney
Kelly Kearney 2021-7-15
The bug is contingent on other software, so it may not manifest for all users. I'm pretty sure that in my case, it's coming from one of the many videoconferencing apps that I'm using far more these days than in previous years. Keeping those apps functional is a higher priority than running the latest and greatest Matlab, hence my rolling back.


Abdul Hannan Raja
Abdul Hannan Raja 2021-4-23
I am having this same problem on M1 Macbook Air with apple silicon chip. I have no idea what is causing this issue. I guess i am not alone anymore.

Lakshmanan Swaminathan
I do have the same problem with Matlab_R2020b running on M1 Macbook Pro with macOS Big Sur 11.3.1. Not just closing figures, it freezes in many occasions. And the only way is to force quit and reopen again leading to lose the progress of work.

Tahmid Hassan Talukdar
Havint this same problem. Hope MathWorks fixes this soon. I'm unable to do any work due to this.

Dmitry Kabanov
Dmitry Kabanov 2021-7-15
I have the same problem on macos Big Sur 11.4 with Matlab R2021a on Intel iMac Pro 2017.
Matlab is unusable as it hangs when I close a figure.




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