How to make '.' Markers transparent in a Scatter plot?

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回答: Zachary ,2021-1-26
In R2016b, I am able to make Point ('.') Markers transparent in a Scatter plot by setting MarkerEdgeAlpha to a value < 1. For example:
%Generate 'n' random samples.
n = 10000;
x = randn(n,1);
y = randn(n,1);
scatter(x, y, 'Marker', '.', 'MarkerEdgeAlpha', 0.5)
However in R2020b, it seems Point Markers can't be transparent. The same code produces:
Is there any way to make Point Markers transparent in a Scatter plot in R2020b, or was this feature deprecated? I'd rather use Point Markers than filled Circle Markers.


Zachary 2021-1-26
Here's the answer from the Technical Support Case:
The current workaround for this is to use the 'o' marker symbol and divide its size to make it a similar size to the '.' marker symbol. This can be done by adding the following line to the code you sent in:
h = scatter(x, y, 'Marker', 'o', 'MarkerEdgeAlpha', 0.5);
h.SizeData = h.SizeData/9;

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Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro
Just tested this in R2019a and it works as for you, I have not yet upgraded to 2020.
Just an idea, try to grab the handle of the scatter plot
>> hs=scatter(x, y, 'Marker', '.');
Then you can investigate the properties of the handles directly, type hs. and then tab and a window with all the properties will appear, scroll down, in my case I found MarkerEdgeAlpha:
>> hs.MarkerEdgeAlpha
ans =
Which I could modify like this
>> hs.MarkerEdgeAlpha=0.5
hs =
Scatter with properties:
Marker: '.'
MarkerEdgeColor: 'flat'
MarkerFaceColor: 'none'
SizeData: 36
LineWidth: 0.5000
XData: [1×10000 double]
YData: [1×10000 double]
ZData: [1×0 double]
CData: [0 0.4470 0.7410]
Show all properties
Perhaps you have to modify hs.MarkerFaceAlpha as well?
Hope that helps.
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Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro
Well, then it may be that this has been disabled, try changing to a circle marker of small size. Not the same as a point, but may be the second best.





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