SS Block power boost in a SSB burst to imitate beamforming

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prabhat ranjan singh
prabhat ranjan singh2021-2-3
Is it possible to increase power of 1 SSBlock of a SSB burst in nrWavegenSSBurstConfig() , similar to what is done in NR Cell Search and MIB and SIB1 recovery [hSIB1WaveformConfiguration()] example . I am using nrDLCarrierConfig() and nrWaveformGenerator().

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Sriram Tadavarty
Sriram Tadavarty 2021-2-5
Hi Prabhat,
It is not possible increase the power of 1 SS block of SSB burst directly using nrWavegenSSBurstConfig, nrDLCarrierConfig, and nrWaveformGenerator.
Also, I feel you are pointing to hSIB1Boost rather than hSIB1WaveformConfiguration. Since, hSIB1WaveformConfiguration file only provides the waveform configuration.
The Power property of nrWavegenSSBurstConfig, applies same power for all instances. For different powers for each instance, you can use hSIB1Boost file with slight modifications.
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