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Plotting the trend line without plotting the data

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回答: Chad Greene ,2021-3-25
I am trying to plot the trend line for three year data combined, So basically trend line on top the attached scatter plot.
% stack all three years to plot the trend line
msid_3yr = [icedrift_bg_2007;icedrift_bg_2015;icedrift_bg_2017];
wspd_3yr = [wspd_bg_2007;wspd_bg_2015;wspd_bg_2017];
%If i use the following it replaces the existing scatter plot colour dots
mdl = fitlm(wspd_3yr,msid_3yr,'linear')


KSSV 2021-2-8
编辑:KSSV 2021-2-8
REad about hold on. After plotting the first, use hold on. Alkso you may go ahead like below:
p = polyfit(wspd_3yr,msid_3yr,1)
xi = wspd_3yr ;
yi = polyval(p,wspd_3yr,msid_3yr) ;
hold on
Also when you use:
mdl = fitlm(wspd_3yr,msid_3yr,'linear') ;
mdl has coefficients of the line, you can use polval like shown above to plot.

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Chad Greene
Chad Greene 2021-3-25
Or more simply,
using the polyplot function found here.

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