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I need to have a gui which updates its output from constantly receiving serial communication. I have created a normal script in an infinite loop which updates variables depending on te serial input. How should i approach integrating it with the gui, i am using guide. Would i pass thr variables from workspace to gui or do i need to har all the code in the gui?
Thanks in advance , Adam


Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski 2013-5-1
Use a timer to scrape the serial port at fixed time intervals and have this update the '*Data' properties of the lines or other graphics objects in your GUI.
doc timer
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matlabuseraa 2013-5-2
That was of great help thanks.
Feng 2013-7-21
Hi matlabuseraa,
Would you mind sharing how you updata the data property? I am kind of stuck there now.


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