How to suppress TI C2000 Compiler Warning

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Hello everyone,
In one of my configuration reference I use set the Device Board to None, the Device Vendor to Texas Instruments and the Device Type to C2000.
During code generation I get the following warning:
Warning: "Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio (C2000)" is selected as Toolchain on
the "Code Generation" pane of the configuration parameters. "None", selected as "Target
Hardware" on the same pane, is not known to be compatible with the tool chain, in which
case errors may follow. Consider selecting a "Target Hardware" compatible with the tool
How can I suppress this warning? I don't want to set the Device Board to one of the Launcpads or ControlCard, since they add many additional files, which I don't want ot use.


Abhishek Gupta
Abhishek Gupta 2021-2-18
Referring to the following MATLAB documentation, which might help you in suppressing the warning: -
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Gergely Szabó
Gergely Szabó 2021-12-21
编辑:Gergely Szabó 2021-12-21
Sorry for the late answer.
So the following code snippet solved my problem :
During codegen I wanted and still want to see as low as possible warning, that is the reason by I asked this question. Since the C2000 support package comes with many additional code replacement functions, the C2000 toolchain is worht to select. In our project the HW resources are governed by hand written code, therefore the usage of device board is obsolate.


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