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Calculating values of a dependent variable at a using a range of independent variables

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Tom Morris
Tom Morris2021-3-10
评论: Tom Morris ,2021-3-10
I'm new to matlab so this might be very simple but....
I have this equation;
All of the variables are constants except Eff and Temp. I would like to calculate values of Eff using Temp between a range of 373 and 623 so that I can plot a graph to investigate the effect of Temp on Eff.
Any Advice would be greatly appreciated


Chad Greene
Chad Greene 2021-3-10
Welcome to the world of Matlab, Tom.
Indeed, I think this is pretty straightforward. To make a range of values of Temp between 373 and 623, do
Temp = 373:623;
Alternatively, to do the same thing but in steps of 0.1, do
Temp = 373:0.1:623;
Then calculate Eff by
and plot the results like this:
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