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Control Text Label on plot with categorical axis

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Lovis Wach
Lovis Wach2021-3-11
编辑: Lovis Wach ,2021-5-17
Hi all,
I am using "plot" to create a plot with lines and scatter points. The x-axis is numerical, the y-axis categorical. I would like to add labels to each datapoint, but I am having trouble positioning them. I would like to add a vertical offset, but since the y-axis is categorical I don't know how. I am using the text() command.
Is there any other way to specify the y-location of a label, perhaps by a pixel offset?
Thank you very much!
Example Code:
y={'LGPS', 'LGPS'};
x=[37.19, 40];
quellen={'Wang 2019', 'Wu 2020'};
hold on
text(x,y,quellen, 'vert','bottom','horiz','center')


Chad Greene
Chad Greene 2021-3-11
Have you tried using the 'vertical' and 'horizontal' alignment options?
text(5,6,'default text')
text(5,6,'above the dot!','vert','bottom','horiz','center','fontangle','italic')
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Lovis Wach
Lovis Wach 2021-3-11
nice! That does it! Thank you so much, marked as solution :)


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