Iterative loop function for FEA

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K=[1 2 -2,
2 1 -5,
1 -4 1]
F=[-15 -21 18]
Xo=[1 1 1]'
I am trying to make an iterative loop function from n=4 iteration where r, alpha, and Xn change with respect to the new Xn. I am using the conjugate gradient method for FEA. Any suggestions on possibly using a for loop?

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Abhishek Gupta
Abhishek Gupta 2021-4-21
As per my understanding, you would like to implement an iterative loop to update 'r,' 'alpha,' and 'Xn.' To achieve this task, you can use either a for or a while loop. For more information related to implementation, check out the documentation links below: -


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