How to read multiple audio files (MIR toolbox)?

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I need help. I am doing a project where I have 40 different .wav files overall but seperated in two categories: Natural and Digital. I want the gathered and scanned audio data from both folders and compare the data. ( RMS <mirrms()>, roughness <mirroughness()> and shape of the spectrum <mircentroid()>). I try to search for as solution online but I cannot find anything specific.
I have properly placed both .wav file folders withing the main Matlab .m file folder
This is what I got so far:
close all;
%scanning the whole .wav files from the "Natural" folder
natural_folder_location = 'C:\Users\DOT\Documents\MATLAB\CW2\Natural';
natural_folder_datascan = dir(fullfile(natural_folder_location,'*.wav'));
natural_folder_array = numel(natural_folder_datascan);
%scan the sampled audio files (.wav) data from the "natural" folder and name it "y"
y = cell(1,natural_folder_array);
%scan the sample rates
Fs = cell(1,natural_folder_array);
%---- i don't know how to exactly audioread all of the audio files in the folder.
[y{natural_audio_files},Fs{natural_audio_files}] = audioread();
Please help!

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Abhishek Gupta
Abhishek Gupta 2021-4-15
Referring to the following MATLAB Answer, which might help you achieve the task: -


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