"Field value unavailable" message from Thingshow

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Harvey Bernier
Harvey Bernier2021-4-30
回答: bernard podant ,2021-12-4
I'm new to this forum. I've setup a Thingspeak project to monitor the water level in a tank. The ESP32 microcontroler sends data to Thingspeak and it works great.
I also wanted to get the data on my phone. I found the Thingshow app on the Google Play Store to retreive the data from my Thingspeak channel. The app can be easily configured to get the charts related to the 2 fields of my project on my phone. The app can also be configured to show gauges and other display features and that's what I want to see on my phone, current readings not charts. As requested by the app, I entered the channel project number, the read API key, the URL, the fields name to be red, etc. The gauges appeared on my phone but showing the above mentionned message "Field value unavailable".
I also installed the IoT Thingspeak Monitor Widget which is configured the same way as the Thingshow app and it does display the 2 fields readings. But I would prefer to get the gauge display offered by Thingshow and use an app only when I wanted to look at the data, not a widget that is contineously poking the Thingspeak server.
Does anybody out there uses Thingshow and ran in the same problem? If so a solution would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Andreas Scholz
Andreas Scholz 2021-7-10
I just updated the App. The new version allows to delete channels and now everything looks good again.



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bernard podant
bernard podant 2021-12-4
I experience the same issue. I have updated the app with no improvment.
any idea ?


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