how to read channel status using thingSpeakRead in Matlab?

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Hi all, I read the data from my channel using thingSpeakRead, but the status of the channel doesn't seem to be available. How do I read that from Matlab (not using REST or MQTT)?
Code I am using:
lastData = thingSpeakRead(channelID,'OutputFormat','TimeTable','ReadKey','MY_READ_KEY')
What is printed out:
lastData =
1×5 timetable
Timestamps AppName Action Address Version Extra
______________ ______________ _________ _________ _________ ____________
04-May-2021 14:09:25 {'Data1'} {'Data2'} {'Data3'} 3.2 {'Data4'}
I would have expected a column of "Status", as my channel has the status enabled. It is not one of the fields, it was from enabling "Show Status" in the channel settings.


Christopher Stapels
Our up time is really high, there is no reason the channel should be unavailable. Can you show the format of the command you are using? (feel free to redact the API keys.)
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