Calculate Travel time in Simulink

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I would like to know the Travel Time form 'entity generator' to 'entity terminator'.
I would like to see the total Travel Time from the Generator~Terminator of entity according to the service time difference.
Is there a 'Statistics' that calculates the Travel Time of individual entity?
Or is there such a way?
For example, assume that entity is a customer and I want to know the total time customer(individual customer) generator~customer out(terminator)


Abdolkarim Mohammadi
编辑:Abdolkarim Mohammadi 2021-5-5
You need to create an attribute to stamp the generation time, and another to stamp the termination time. The difference between the two indicates the time that entity has spent in the system. In order to stamp times, you should create a Simulink function in which there is a Digital clock block with the sample time set to -1.
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하람 오
하람 오 2021-5-17
Thank you for kindness answer.
But I have some questions.
  1. How create an attribute to stamp the generation time?
Is it right...?
2. This is digital clock in simulink function.
Is it right?
And, What should I do next?


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