Plot 2D is missing some Data Points

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This is a strange situation for me. I have never seen this before.
I am just using a simple plot command for the following data:
x = [0.6935 0.6947 0.6959 0.697 0.6982 0.6994 0.7006 0.7017 0.7029 0.7041 0.7052 0.7064 0.7076 0.7088 0.7099 0.7111 0.7123];
f = [ 2.7433E+307 2.7042E+307 2.7477E+307 2.6278E+307 19.09965479 1.000000028 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.000000006 1 1 1 1];
p0 = plot(x, f, '-rx');
ylim([0 30]);
xlim([0.6935 0.7123]);
However the point at (x,f) = (0.6982, 19.1) is completely missing and the line does not pass through it. When I use Data cursor and use the keyboard arrows to move through the points on the line. This point shows up but there is not marker displayed for it.
This is really quite puzzling and would suggest some sort of a bug.
Any ideas? Please help.
I am using Matlab R2012b
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Si 2013-7-22
Thanks very much for your reply.
How do you change to 'opengl' or 'zbuffer'?
Thanks again



dpb 2013-7-22
编辑:dpb 2013-7-22
Use one or other, of course, not literal...
is a very useful "trick" to know to quickly find out what a possible handle property is and acceptable responses for enumerated ones.

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