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plot using latitude and longitude

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Deepthi B
Deepthi B2021-5-19
评论: Deepthi B ,2021-5-19
How can I make plot like this in Matlab? Can anyone please explain the procedure?


Chad Greene
Chad Greene 2021-5-19
That looks like you have scattered data. If you have an array of latitudes, an array of longitudes, and a corresponding array of some values z, then the easiest way to make that kind of plot is to treat longitude as the x variable and latitude as the y variable. Then use the standard scatter function like this:
The 50 above sets the size of the markers. The word 'filled' makes the circles filled with color rather than hollow.
If you would like to add national borders, I recommend using the borders function in Climate Data Toolbox. Syntax would be
to plot the outline of national boundaries.

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