Batch input for image preprocessing and KNN classification

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Hi everyone, how can I batch input the jpg file for image preprocessing? For my data 029 actually is an image which split into small image and some of the image like 029-119, 029-120 have no crack on it.
Q1: How can i batch input it?
Q2 How can I define it as crack if either one part of the 029 image is crack? Much appreciate.


Benjamin Großmann
Benjamin Großmann 2021-5-27
You could do one of these three things (incomplete list):
  1. Use an imageDatastore object for your image collection and the ReadFcn for preprocessing (might be slow)
  2. Use the preprocessing capabilities of the Deep Learning Toolbox
  3. Write a function that preprocesses a single image given the images file name as function input. Call the function with arrayfun / cellfun and an array / cell array of filenames

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