fprintf or fwrite non ASCII characters

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Daniele Venanzetti
Daniele Venanzetti2021-6-3
Hi everyone,
I am trying to write some strings on a text but some of them contain σ and μ and they are not written correctly in my file when I use either fprintf or fwrite. I tried also to open my file (fopen) with different encondings but nothing changed. Below you find my most significant attempts:
SheetName = 'example';
text_file = fopen(strcat(SheetName, '.txt'), 'w+','n','windows-1253');
fprintf(text_file,'%c', 'σ'); % prints ?
fprintf(text_file,'%s', char(963)); % prints ó
fprintf(text_file, '\x03c3'); % prints ó
fwrite(text_file, 'σ'); % prints ?
fwrite(text_file, char(963)); % prints ÿ
If I don't put the encoding 'windows-1253' I get even worse results: second and third line print a small square.
I have also read that it could depend on my OS but honestly I don't get why. Anyway, I have Windows 10 Pro.
Could you help me out with this? Thanks in advance!
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Daniele Venanzetti
I have Windows 10 Pro. I tried your fopen options and I got this:


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Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro
Have you tried using TeX formatting? I.e. \alpha \sigma \mu




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