Reading file in subfolders with readtable

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Hi guys,
I need to run my code in the mainfolder "Rainbow" which has 5 different subfolders. Each subfolder contains .xls files and .dat files. For each loop code needs to read related .xls files and make some calculations with the .dat files. When I run the code in the Rainbow folder I got this:
Error using readtable (line 245)
Unable to find or open 'M1_Normal_T1.xls'. Check the path and filename or file permissions.
Error in Rainbow_analysis (line 17)
DAT = readtable((fname), 'VariableNamingRule', 'preserve' );
My path and filename:
fname = 'M1_Normal_T1.xls'
pname ='/Users/mehtap/Documents/MATLAB/Rainbow/M1_Normal_T1/'
When I copy the code in one of the subfolders it runs but this time doesn't read the .dat files in the other subfolders just use the ones inside it. I should run the code in the Rainbow folder but always I received error. I really got stuck this single line. Could you please help? Thanks in advance.


Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami 2021-6-29
use the function fullfile to get the fullpath to the file.
fullpath = fullfile(pname,fname);
DAT = readtable(fullpath, 'VariableNamingRule', 'preserve' );

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